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Visiting Malta Summer 2016…

Visiting Malta during the summer months is always full of surprises and magical experiences. This little island literally rocks all summer long. Everything from the islands wine festivals, village fiesta’s, film and art festivals, Jazz festivals and big ticket open air concerts so make sure you keep track of up coming events either on our website or you can also visit What’s On Malta for all the latests shows and other gigs across the island. A top of that, the food scene and clubbing scene is up there with some of the Mediterranean’s best, and the nice surprise is, most things are magically affordable!!

This week we thought to give you some useful local tips to help you make the most of your holiday.

Top travellers tips for visiting Malta.

  • It is no secret the traffic in Malta can be absolutely manic. So our tip to avoid the traffic jams is use the ferries as much as you can, from Sliema to Valletta and Valletta to The Three Cities routes. Through the summer months it is the best way to travel between the two main tourist hubs, and it is a lovely water cruise through the harbours too. Only €2.80/per person return. And make sure you show the lift operator your ticket to use the lift when you arrivetraffic jams in Malta from The Three Cities to Valletta, you will escape being charged €1 to get up to Upper Barrack Gardens. Ferries run up until midnight during summer and to 7pm in winter.
  • Want to visit Comino but don’t like big tourist style boat trips… Make your way to Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal (the Gozo ferry terminal) by bus or car. To the right of the ferry terminal are water taxi’s that can take you over to Comino and the Blue Lagoon. The drivers usually give you a little extra tour exploring through the caves before dropping you back to Malta too. Added bonus, and fairly affordable!!
  • Car Rental is really cheap for daily hire and is the best way to get to Gozo. Car hire for the day is around €30 for a regular small run about, and we can get you one delivered to our door. Be sure to request one when booking your accommodation because availability is not always possible at short notice, so it pays to plan ahead.
  • The summer months can be really hot, so try and plan most of your sight seeing early morning or later in the afternoons where possible especially for outdoor experiences such as visiting the temples and so on. Siesta is also a big part of the Maltese way of life and in most small villages the shops close between 1pm and 4pm.siesta
  • Make sure you pack a really good hat and plenty of sunblock too. You also might like to add a little electrolytes to your water, the humidity from July to end September can make you quiet dehydrated if you are not used to it. Electrolytes are available from the chemists on the island too.
  • Check out Malta Transport bus services for access right around the island, here is the link for the timetable. While getting around is relatively easy and cheap, be prepared for delays especially if there are big concerts, fiesta’s or roadwork’s on route, sometimes buses may even be so full they will just pass by, so plan your journey’s to arrive as early as possible to your destinations to avoid the frustration.

  • Mosquito season in Malta can be ferocious “in some areas” during summer, if you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, perhaps pack a tropical strength mosquito repellent to keep them away at night time. We provide a plug in mosquito repellent for your room.
  • If you are visiting Malta between April and December you will definitely experience Malta’s fireworks. The fireworks are for the celebration of each villages patron saint. There are as many churches as there are days of the year (approximately 360 on this little island). Sometimes when looking across the night sky you will see many different fireworks going off around you. Be aware that these fireworks usually start at 8am in the morning, “yes” in broad daylight. Don’t worry the island is not under attack!! The daylight fireworks are said to warn of evil spirits before the patron saint is carried through the village procession and back to the church again. Be sure to attend at least one while you are here, they are very special and a huge part of the Maltese culture and way of life. fireworks 2
  • Tipping in restaurants is not compulsory, but if you get great service then a usual 10% added to the bill will make your waiters day.
  • If you only have a very short holiday in Malta then it pays to plan your itinerary in advance before you leave home. So pick out what it is that interests you the most and work out how to get from place to place as quickly as possible. The largest taxi fare for instance from one end of the island to the other, should cost no more than about €35, but always confirm the fare with your driver or taxi company first. Our favourite companies are ecabs and Greenr . 
  • Pack sensible walking shoes and be prepared to walk many stairs and steep inclines in some areas. Malta is by no means flat, additionally footpaths and curbs can be quiet narrow with high steps so be careful when walking about. Take your heels in a separate bag and pop them on when you reach your destination. Your feet and joints will thank you for it.

So we hope these tips are useful, help you plan your time and make for really great holiday experience in Magic Malta. Stay tuned for our up coming recommendations covering our top 10 things to do, where to eat, best clubs and bars, best street food and cheap eats and much much more.

Happy planning and hope to see you soon.

Julie, Glen & Roxy