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Introducing Samuel Sultana to Julesy’s BnB

Samuel SultanaJulesy’s BnB love art and more-so love supporting local artists.

Over the years, many of our guests have admired and purchased quality works of art we’ve exhibited from artists, such as Stephanie Borg; Caroline Said Lawrence; Clemens Hasengschwandtner; Rachel Farrugia and recently Sara Pace.

We are more than impressed with the beautiful original paintings that Samuel Sultana produces and now proudly have several large pieces on display. This vibrant collection look fantastic in our guesthouse and certainly won’t fit in your suitcase. Not to worry though, as we pack & ship worldwide.

Samuel Sultana is a Franco-Maltese creative, based in Malta. At the age of 1, he raised a hammer, as per Maltese tradition: a great tool to both build and destroy. After obtaining his Degree and Masters across a number of international institutions, he embarked on a shift from stability and familiarity by moving to Bristol and founding his first collective in late 2012.

Upon returning to Malta, he formed a new collaborative context that allowed him to create a more structured and entrepreneurial approach in order to retain his ethos.

We’re sure our guests will also love Samuel’s work and will snap up well priced original artwork, whilst here with us in Malta.