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Julesy’s BnB has many traditional maltese fetures, such as the wooden traditional Maltese balconies. You can find 2 rooms in the guest house where you can enjoy this unique element. Manoel Suite on level 1 and Cotoner Suite on level 2 located at the front of the property. This  means these suits contain the historical piece to make your stay more special in Malta.

Traditional Maltese balcony

Wooden balconies in Malta certainly go a long way, and considered as an important architectural feature in traditional Maltese façades. With the use of different materials and textures, together with outstanding colours and decorative features, one can’t not appreciate the impeccable unique style it gives to our urban landscapes.

Balconies used to play an important role in different periods, often defining different roles in social classes. During the Baroque period, mostly in the last quarter of the 17th century, the balcony became an important feature in Europe and considered as an architectural trend.

The most popular balcony style on the island is by any doubt the wooden balcony, which brought a unique richness and character to our beautiful townhouses and palazzos all over Malta and Gozo, dominating the cities. Julesy’s BnB have two rooms with the traditional balcony, which is waiting you to enjoy them.

The Origins?

There is little evidence on the exact period regarding the first closed wooden balcony, though most probably this type of balcony is said to be originated from North African and Moroccan prototypes, the so called ‘Muxrabija’ (a peeping hole / spy hole). In the mid-18th century during the British era, wooden balconies started gaining popularity on the islands. This happened mostly due to the availability and reduction in price of timber. There is also documented evidence that the two large balconies within the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta were the first closed timber balconies in Malta. A lot of closed wooden balconies were also added to the facades of already existing buildings especially during the 19th century.

The Unique Colors

Wooden balconies are mostly made from red deal (tal-ahmar), which very often matches the main door. Traditionally they also vary in colours like bright red, deep blue, exotic purple, and green. The latter is considered the official colour in wooden balconies on the islands.

Julesy’s BnB and the Maltese balconies

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