Hire Car Service

Most of our guests make use of Malta’s public bus system (called Tallinja) along with our recommended taxi companies. However, if you’re wanting  a Hire Car whilst here (even for just 1 day), we can assist you.

We’ve established a great relationship with a local professional Car Hire company, who will deliver an ideal car (less than 2 years old) directly to you here at Julesy’s BnB.

Hire Cars are less than €40 a day and all have power steering & air-conditioning, along with a fuel tank of petrol.

Simply let us know at your earliest convenience what day/s you are wanting a Hire Car and it will be here around 9:15am in the morning. The company will then collect the car from us the following morning.

We suggest downloading the free “HERE” App on your smart-phone, along with the map of Malta. This can then be used offline without any data or roaming charges being incurred. This is by far the best and easiest GPS available and all at no cost.

You will just need a Drivers License and a Visa or MasterCard, along with lots of patience on the roads.