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Gastronomic Discovery of Maltese cuisine and that famous pie!

WOW, what a wonderful week its been!

This week we held another very special Maltese cooking class with 3 lovely Japanese students who wanted to make that famous Traditional Maltese Pie which we previously cooked for the highly rated Japanese Television program “Another Sky”, starring Ko Shibasaki.Me with Shibasaki Ko

The lovely thing about this pie, is Malta continues to be celebrated in Japan through its cuisine, because of the program and the Japanese love for their famous actress Ko Shibaski. We are sure this connection will never be lost.


Ko Shibaski came to Malta when she was starting her acting career over 25 years ago, and ever since she has continued to share her love of Malta with Japan.

You can see in the photos that the students totally wanted to emulate her cooking experience and did a wonderful job in recreating the pie.

The pie is a very special recipe handed down from our lovely neighbour Mrs Josephine Healy. It truly is a wonderful recipe, made of lean beef seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, garden fresh peas, onions, spices and of course a good dousing of Masala wine. In my book, this pie is up there with some of the best pie I have ever tried, and I feel very blessed to have been entrusted with this wonderful recipe to pass on. So for this, the world and Japan thanks you Josephine!

The smells in the kitchen when this pie is cooked is just divine and the taste, well it is truly Malta!

During the 4 hours of cooking fun we also made Mqaret (a traditional Maltese dessert or street food treat) which they also absolutely loved!

Made of a delicate pastry lightly flavoured with Aniseed then filled with dates, lemon, orange and more Aniseed liqueur. Believe me when I make these, the whole house just oozes in Yum!

You can either bake or fry these, but typically as a street food they are fried. Look out for them at the local markets when you are next in Malta. I quiet often serve these as a dessert with a good dollop of vanilla ice-cream when I have guests for dinner, especially in the winter months. Mqaret equally qualify as a high-end dessert and just as perfectly as a morning treat. Mqaret anytime!

MQaret 1

So, now a little about my classes. Julesy’s Kitchen runs Gastronomic Discovery events every week usually on a Tuesday but for special travel groups and corporate groups I can be more flexible to fill time constraints. The Gastronomic Discovery usually starts around 11.30am and finishes around 3:30pm.

My kitchen is deliberately designed so students feel as connected to the kitchen as possible, you wont find any fancy stainless steel or complicated gadgetry, its all about achievable fun cooking here.

Classes are held every week provided there are at least two or more people per class, otherwise I would decline the booking, it is generally much more fun with a friend or two, as I’m sure you would agree.

Within the package you will receive a lovely apron and sometimes even a lovely dish or specialty piece of equipment to help you recreate whatever you have cooked at home. All food, drinks and recipes are also part of the package. Prices start at just €190 per person.

If you would like to join us for our Gastronomic Discovery of Maltese Cuisine please get in touch, we would love to teach you all about the wonderful cuisine of the Maltese Islands.

Happy cooking adventures and I hope to see you here in my kitchen sometime soon.

Julesy xx