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Feast of the assumption of Our Lady

The feast of the Assumption is honoured all around the Maltese Islands, and also has a prominent place in the history of Malta. Celebrations are held in seven different villages for a whole week up till the 15th of August, the day of the Assumption.

Amongst these villages, a village in the South West of Malta called Mqabba has had the parish dedicated to Saint Mary for more than 400 years, and colossal celebrations are held every year between 30 July and 22 August with the main celebrations are held between the 9th and 15th August which is organised by The Society of St Mary and Band King George V. During this week band marches cheer the streets which end every night in the village’s square where the utmost celebrations are reached. The night of the 10th of August is dedicated to the King George V Band, where a concert is held up on the band stand and music from different eras is played by the same band. Also like any other feast in Malta it’s a week where its evening’s skies are filled with colourful and artistic fireworks.

Throughout the years the Saint Mary fireworks factory within the same society proved to be innovative with different aspects of fireworks and one of the most popular around the island, in fact a lot of people and tourists visit this village on the 14th of August for a spectacular fireworks show synchronised with music, which afterwards leads to a show of ground mechanical fireworks.

Unquestionably the climax of the feast is reached on the 15th of August where in the morning a panegyric mass takes place where the life and virtues of Our Lady are praised and in the evening the beautiful and devoted statue of Saint Mary is taken out as a procession around the streets of the village where hymns and prayers dedicated to Holy Mary are played. The feast ends that night once the statue is back in place at the church, leaving the devotees and enthusiasts eagerly waiting for next year’s celebrations.

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