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Cooking with Kō Shibasaki – My favourite Japanese actress….

Ko Shibasaki started her career at 14 when she was discovered by a talent scout. She is one of Japan’s top-tier actresses, having starred in many TV shows, films and commercials. Ko Shibasaki became famous for her excellent performance in the controversial film “Battle Royale”, which has brought her fame not only in Japan, but all over East Asia. Recent films also include “47 Ronin” and “Bolt out of the Blue”.

So in July, Ko Shibasaki’s European agent contacted me to help with the popular Japanese television program “Another Sky”, the task was to cook live on TV a traditional Maltese meat pie. This stunning pie was a fond memory of Ko Shibasaki’s during her days as a budding actress many years ago in Malta.Cooking for Another Sky with Shibasaki Ko

The show relived her journey visiting the places she frequented during those days and of course the beautiful Maltese cuisine. I was thrilled to help and quickly (with the help of my lovely neighbour Josephine) identified the correct recipe for this task, a traditional Maltese spiced beef pie, packed full of vegetables and encased in a beautiful rich shortcrust pastry.

Filmed live in my kitchen on a very, very hot summer’s day, Ko Shibasaki and I cooked from scratch this delicious meat pie. Ko Shibasaki was determined to learn every detail to ensure it was exactly right. Once baked, all the cast and crew enjoyed this delicious pie together around the dining table.

It’s not often that you would hear of a leading actress cooking for all the cast and crew, I found this so refreshing…Ko Shibasaki is a truly grounded and delightful person, and a true champion of her beautiful country.Maltese Meat Pie for Another Sky

Ahhh…. just another magic moment in my kitchen!!

The recipe can be downloaded from my previous blog here and I have been told the video of the live show will arrive soon.

Enjoy your day and never pass an opportunity to create magic in your kitchen.

Blessed are the pie makers too.

Julesy 🙂



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