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Coming to the Mediterranean in summer you have to expect it’s going to be hot!

Here’s how to adapt like a local, and stay as cool as a cucumber during your stay…..


1. Make the most of your daily Siesta!








It is said that during the hours of 13:00 – 16:00, you will only see out in the sun “Mad dogs and Englishmen”… For the local Maltese these 3 hours are for rest and relaxation, so many shops close during this time, so be sure to check online if you are planning a shopping trip before heading out.

Our suggestion is to head to one of Malta’s many Lido’s for a relaxing Siesta.. try Cafe Del Mar Book one of their great sun lounges, then it’s all swim sleep, eat, repeat!

Oh so relaxing, with a stunning view from their beautiful infinity pool too.

There are also many other Lido’s dotted around Malta so be sure to check them out.


2. Valletta Cafe’s and Pubs








Find a great air-conditioned cafe and order a great lunch. There are many to choose from but for us, we head to Strait Street, it is always shady and there are many bars and cafe’s offering everything from Mediterranean to Japanese… Try The Cage or  N Japanese Bistrot

Our favourite for a quick cool off and a sneaky Aperol Spritz is City Lounge… the air-conditioning is the best!


3. Visit Malta’s beautiful gardens..








Although Malta is very densely populated, there are also many lovely gardens to visit, where you can find a lovely spot to have a picnic, read, relax and take in the views.

In Valletta, you can literally walk from one garden to the next, visiting Upper Barrack Gardens, Hasting Gardens, Valletta’s ditch and right through to the Mall in Floriana. There are many shady places to sit and enjoy… the views are not too bad either!


4. Beach or not to beach?








The sun is hot, hot, hot here in Malta! Make sure you bring plenty of factor 50 sunscreen and a hat if you are planning a day at the beach. At all the beaches you can hire a sun-bed and is highly recommended. Prices can range from €15 – €45 depending on how lush the sun-beds and facilities are.

Malta’s beaches however are very small and can get very over crowded during the peak of the day throughout the summer months. Children are also on holiday from school from July until the end of September which can add to the overcrowding. Our suggestion is to visit early morning before 11:00 or after 17:00pm to avoid the crowds.

The best beaches are Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Mellieha Beach and Ghajn Tuffieha. All of these beaches are in the north of the island, so we recommend either taking a bus from Valletta or hiring a car to get easily to and from.


5. Sailing trip around Malta








There is no better experience (in our opinion) than taking a day trip around Malta on a lovely sail boat. The crystal clear water and scenery is just superb!  You can find a tour company who can offer you something to suit your budget, ranging from the very affordable €25 (however quite crowded) to the private sailing boat for around €600 (meals and private skipper included). Obviously the more you pay the more exclusive and special the experience will be.

When staying with us we have many different options to choose from via our website tour desk, we would be more than pleased to help plan a special day out on the sea..

Stay cool and we hope you are coming to enjoy your summer in beautiful Malta very soon.