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5 of the best restaurants in the area of the Three Cities

We would like to give you a few ideas of the best pleases to eat with a great atmosphere in the area of Julesy’s Bnb. Malta’s Three Cities has something for everyone.

1. Don Berto

Don Berto has a beautiful dining experience specialising in pizza, pasta and grill which is located in one of the oldest cities in Malta, Vittoriosa, enjoying picturesque views of Malta’s majestic Grand Harbour.
If during your stay at Julesy’s Bnb you wish to visit this restaurant, please contact us and we will manage 10% discount on your dining experiance.

2. Osteria

If you’re looking for authentic Maltese dining in the Vittoriosa area, then Osteria is the place to be.

3. Hammett’s Maċina

Hammett’s can give you the opportunity for a romantic treat or a special occasion in this fine dining restaurant located in a newly sought area of the Maltese islands.

4. Sottovento

Looking for fresh seafood by the sea? Look no further than Sottovento.

5. BeBirgu

Lovely court yard outside, fresh seafood, romatic atmosphere, this is BeBirgu.

Extra tip
Del Borgo

If you are looking for a beautiful wine cellar with incredible food, then Del Borgo is your place.

Del Borgo

If you wish to have private dinner in Julesy’s Bnb please write us an email ( .
We are more than happy to create any unique dinner during your stay in our lovely house.