Pastizzi – Malta’s favourite street food!

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Good morning from Malta!!

Recently we’ve been asked about how to make Pastizzi, Malta’s No.1 traditional morning street food. In Malta you will find Pastizzeria’s all over the island where they sell in abundance everyday. Pastizzi comes in two main types, either with ricotta cheese or with peas inside. They are the perfect on-the-run morning treat and also very cheap at just €0.60 each. I have been told by one man that he eats 5 just for breakfast!! LOL….a true connoisseur you might say!

Truly though I challenge anyone to stop at just one.

So for those who might like to try making these at home, I found a wonderful recipe in my cook book “A guide to Maltese Cooking” by Francis Darmanin.  In this cook book there are many wonderful traditional Maltese recipes, so you might like to go ahead and hunt it down.

Pastizzi (cheesecakes)


3/4 kilo puff pastry
400g Fresh Ricotta Cheese
2 eggs
2 tablespoons grated cheddar cheese
lots of chopped parsley ( but you can leave it out if you wish)
Freshly ground pepper


Mash the ricotta with the beaten eggs and cheddar cheese. Mix in the herbs and spices. Roll out the pastry thinly, and cut out circles about 9cm in diameter, and place a spoonful of the mixture onto each of these. Fold each pastry circle in half around the filling and press edges firmly together. Place on a greaseproof baking tray and bake in a hot oven for 1/2hr or until the pastry is done. This recipe should give you about 30 Pastizzi .

The method above is the much easier version since making genuine Pastizzi requires a lot of skill and experience, not least because of the unique shape into which the pastry has to be twisted.

However if you wish to give the twisting a go then go ahead!  This is how I would proceed!

Mound a generous amount of the cheese and herb mixture onto each round, to close gather the pastry to overlap but not entirely close the pastry in the centre. At each ends pinch and twist the pastry clockwise at one end and anti-clockwise the other end to give it the traditional shape. Place the Pastizzi on the tray open side up. Bake the same as above.

If you would like to join me in making these then please book in to our Gastronomic Discovery cooking classes, we are planning a whole lot of Pastizzi fun this Autumn and winter.

I would love to see your finished home baked efforts, so please send me some pictures and feel free like us on Facebook We would love to see where Malta’s beloved Pastizzi’s are being made all around the world.

Have a great day everyone!


Julesy 🙂



Maltese Nights – Valletta Waterfront

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Maltese Nights – Valletta Waterfront

Take in the scenic Grand Harbour views and re-live traditional Malta, every Thursday between 5th July and 27th September at 7:30pm

Enjoy Maltese Nights on Thursday evenings: patrons can go back in time through the Maltese Islands’ history and experience traditional folk dancing, falconry displays, the “terramaxka” – a musical instrument which was popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and Maltese games, among other activities.

FREE enterance to all events!

Animated Walk-throughs – 7:30-10:30pm
✠ Learn more about the history of Valletta Waterfront, the Grand Harbour, and the Knights of the Order of St John.


Birds of Prey Display – 7:30-10:30pm
✠ Admire up close some of the beautiful species of birds of prey, including owls and hawks, next to the Chapel.


Folk Dancing – 8:30-9:00pm
✠ Watch a colourful display of folk dancers in traditional costumes and listen to some old-time favourite tunes in the central promenade area.

Traditional Maltese Games – 7:30-10:30pm
✠ Have a go at old street games including Hopscotch, Boċċi, Rope-Skipping and more.

Just another reason as to why you need to be here in beautiful Malta.

Life’s short, so plan it and book your accommodation with us here at Julesy’s BnB via this link.

Delicata Classic Wine Festival 2018 – Valletta

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Delicata Classic Wine Festival 2018 – Valletta
          9th to the 12th August 2018

Organised by Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker, Malta’s greatest wine event of the year is back for its 17th consecutive edition!

As always, it takes place over four nights at the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, this year’s European Capital of Culture, from the 9th to the 12th August 2018, every evening from 7pm till midnight.

Entrance to the Festival is free, and wine glasses are sold until 11pm, wine is poured up to 11.30pm and the festival closes at midnight. A coin system will once again be adopted whereby patrons will be able to purchase a purse of 24 wine coins redeemable for their wines of choice.

In all there will be over 20 wines to sample. Vintages of ten Delicata award-winning brands are served from as many stalls spread along the garden’s periphery.

These include the semi-sparkling Frizzantes made from the very rare native old bush vines Girgentina and Ġellewża, a selection of white, red and rosé D.O.K. Malta Medina and D.O.K. Gozo Victoria Heights boutique wines, noble mono-varietals of the iconic flagship Gran Cavalier selection and Malta’s most internationally awarded Grand Vin de Hauteville range.

Besides the sweeter lifestyle Dolcino, the exiting, low-alcohol Spritzzer range and exclusive The Falcon wines, the popular lush Casella Moscato and other varietals of the Classic Collection will also be available for tasting. The three wines from the Pjazza Reġina range, crafted in tribute to Valletta, will also be on show to taste.

Live cooking stalls will be serving a tempting variety of both traditional Maltese and international dishes to tease a wide range of palates.

Every evening there is a double-bill concert with top local talent on show including The Crowns, Gianni and Rug, The BuskerPlanet SeedKersten Graham and Band, Spiteri Lucas EntertainmentBernie and Pod and Cash & Band.

More information on

See you there!

Farson’s Beer Festival

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The 39th edition of the Farsons Beer Festival yet again promises to be one of Malta’s hottest summer celebrations. Running over 10 days, from Thursday 26th July to Saturday 4th August 2018, this summer outdoor festival brings together the best local music, beer and entertainment.

As one of Malta’s most awaited summer annual events, drawing thousands of visitors every night, the festival offers a wide and diverse choice of over 50 award-winning beers and over 70 artists and performances. Click here for the full program.

Public Transport:
Bus routes 50, 51, 52, 53 and 56 from Valletta will get you to Ta’ Qali.

With FREE entrance and parking, this is the place to be!!!

Airlines to Malta

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Airlines to Malta

Believe it or not, Malta’s International Airport actually has 20 different airlines flying into it. Yes, the MIA is quite small on a world standard, but certainly caters for a vast amount of airlines from all over the world.

Here’s a snap shot of airliners servicing Malta:


So, there’s plenty of choice and great deals to be had too.

When is the best time to visit

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When is the best time to visit?

For guests who are new to Malta, the number one question is always, “When is the best time to visit?”

Obviously everyone has different climate preferences and tolerances, so, let’s break down the year for you, albeit no weather predictions are 100% guaranteed anywhere in the world:


January to March
Winter is generally mild in Malta, with the average daytime temperature being about 17°C. Ironically, these months are also quite dry, with just 37mm of average rainfall in March. It can get pretty humid though, giving the impression that temperatures are lower than they really are.


April to May
Spring is a short season in Malta, but it’s the best time to enjoy the countryside before the summer heat. You can travel the length and breadth of the islands on foot – visiting interesting sites or simply enjoying the breeze along the coast. At this time of the year, there is a relatively low possibility of rain, around ten hours of sunshine a day, and the average temperatures hover between 20°C and 24°C.


June to September
If it’s sun and sea you’re after, this is the perfect time to visit the Maltese islands. Be warned that it can get sweltering hot, particularly in July and August, with temperatures often rising to over 35°C. If you’re visiting in the summer months, remember to apply plenty of sun protection cream regularly, wear a hat and a good pair of sunglasses, and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Valletta to Three Cities

October to December
The highest levels of rainfall are recorded in November and December, but a visit in October could give you one final chance to take a dip in the Med. At this time of year, it’s great to head to all the wonderful museums and historic sites, and enjoy the outside areas of Malta and Gozo’s many eateries – do carry a cardigan for when it gets chilly though!


Our advice is always to book well in advance to avoid missing out and to have Travel Insurance, as none of us have a crystal ball.

Look forward to having you here with us as our guests.

Your Host's Julie & Glen, with their beloved Roxy.



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For our guests wanting to stay in and just relax with their preferred beverage, we provide a huge list of quality TV channels to choose from.

Surprisingly, Malta has 16 local TV channels, albeit they are mostly in Maltese. For our Italian guests, there’s a selection of 22+ channels available. Plus we have 14 News channels to keep you up to date too.


Within our ‘Variety’; ‘Lifestyle & Culture’; and ‘Knowledge’ line up, there’s a total of 46 channels to keep you entertained.


For our music buffs, there’s no less than 15 channels for your ears to enjoy. We’re sure our collection of 12 International channels and 8 Sports channels will also cover off on almost anything you are wanting to watch.


The best part, is our Cable TV at Julesy’s BnB is completely FREE of charge. This coupled with an individual WiFi Router in every room providing 250Mbps of internet at your finger tips, is sure to enable our guest’s internet needs are met.

At Julesy’s BnB, we’ll keep you connected and entertained.

Gastronomic Discovery of Maltese cuisine and that famous pie!

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Gastronomic Discovery of Maltese cuisine and that famous pie!

WOW, what a wonderful week its been!

This week we held another very special Maltese cooking class with 3 lovely Japanese students who wanted to make that famous Traditional Maltese Pie which we previously cooked for the highly rated Japanese Television program “Another Sky”, starring Ko Shibasaki.Me with Shibasaki Ko

The lovely thing about this pie, is Malta continues to be celebrated in Japan through its cuisine, because of the program and the Japanese love for their famous actress Ko Shibaski. We are sure this connection will never be lost.


Ko Shibaski came to Malta when she was starting her acting career over 25 years ago, and ever since she has continued to share her love of Malta with Japan.

You can see in the photos that the students totally wanted to emulate her cooking experience and did a wonderful job in recreating the pie.

The pie is a very special recipe handed down from our lovely neighbour Mrs Josephine Healy. It truly is a wonderful recipe, made of lean beef seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, garden fresh peas, onions, spices and of course a good dousing of Masala wine. In my book, this pie is up there with some of the best pie I have ever tried, and I feel very blessed to have been entrusted with this wonderful recipe to pass on. So for this, the world and Japan thanks you Josephine!

The smells in the kitchen when this pie is cooked is just divine and the taste, well it is truly Malta!

During the 4 hours of cooking fun we also made Mqaret (a traditional Maltese dessert or street food treat) which they also absolutely loved!

Made of a delicate pastry lightly flavoured with Aniseed then filled with dates, lemon, orange and more Aniseed liqueur. Believe me when I make these, the whole house just oozes in Yum!

You can either bake or fry these, but typically as a street food they are fried. Look out for them at the local markets when you are next in Malta. I quiet often serve these as a dessert with a good dollop of vanilla ice-cream when I have guests for dinner, especially in the winter months. Mqaret equally qualify as a high-end dessert and just as perfectly as a morning treat. Mqaret anytime!

MQaret 1

So, now a little about my classes. Julesy’s Kitchen runs Gastronomic Discovery events every week usually on a Tuesday but for special travel groups and corporate groups I can be more flexible to fill time constraints. The Gastronomic Discovery usually starts around 11.30am and finishes around 3:30pm.

My kitchen is deliberately designed so students feel as connected to the kitchen as possible, you wont find any fancy stainless steel or complicated gadgetry, its all about achievable fun cooking here.

Classes are held every week provided there are at least two or more people per class, otherwise I would decline the booking, it is generally much more fun with a friend or two, as I’m sure you would agree.

Within the package you will receive a lovely apron and sometimes even a lovely dish or specialty piece of equipment to help you recreate whatever you have cooked at home. All food, drinks and recipes are also part of the package. Prices start at just €190 per person.

If you would like to join us for our Gastronomic Discovery of Maltese Cuisine please get in touch, we would love to teach you all about the wonderful cuisine of the Maltese Islands.

Happy cooking adventures and I hope to see you here in my kitchen sometime soon.

Julesy xx

Here we grow again…..

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Here we grow again….

In an attempt to keep up with our overwhelming level of guests from around the world choosing to stay with us here at Julesy’s BnB, the construction of our 5th (and final) guest room on level 3 is scheduled to commence on Monday the 20th of August.

We actually have to demolish the existing roof and raise the height of the walls to comply with Malta’s building codes. That being said, a beautiful new roof terrace will transpire for the enjoyment of all of our guests.

Our new room will be named the Pinto Suite (once again named after one Malta’s GrandMasters), which will be individually designed, just like we have done so with our 4 existing guest rooms. There will also be private lift access too.

Sadly we won’t be accepting any guests from Sunday the 19th of August 2018 up until Sunday the 26th of August, whilst the roof is removed and a new one is created. Our construction team will then carry on the required work, whilst our guests are out enjoying Malta during the day.

So, by November we’ll be able to assist more guests wanting to stay with us. 🙂


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This special annual event is being held on both the 5th & 6th of May 2018.

Two days of re-enactments and pageantry that evoke Malta’s late medieval period (1200 – 1500 AD). Several re-enactment groups perform in various battle scenes and other actions in various points of the town.

We currently have 2 rooms available for this weekend, so do yourself a favour and book your stay with us today, via this link. And if you’re new to Julesy’s BnB here’s a quick video to tempt you. 🙂


The Malta International Fireworks Festival: 17th Edition

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The Malta International Fireworks Festival: 17th Edition

Fireworks are a yearlong pastime in Malta, and a major part of local festi – village festivals that celebrate their respective patron saints. Taking place all the year round but particularly so in summer, these festi are always lively and colourful. The colour, of course, is best provided by the fireworks that impeccably light the Maltese skies.

2018 sees the 17th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival, organised by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority. In particular, it will be taking place on Saturday 21st, Friday 27th and Monday 30th of April 2018. Year after year, the festival a guaranteed time of excitement for locals, tourists, as well as the fireworks factories around the island that get the chance to show off their skills with more gusto than ever. International pyrotechnic companies also make their way to Maltese shores to participate. Previous editions of the festival have seen entries from countries all the way between Australia and Italy.

The Grand Finale on Monday, the 30th April will be like no other pyrotechnic show our islands have experienced. Fireworks which will be synchronized to live singing and a live musical orchestra, which will perform music written for the occasion from a floating stage in Malta’s majestic Grand Harbour, Valletta.

Now believe it or not, we actually have 1 room available for just this 1 night’s special event, which can be booked via this link.

So, if your quick and want the best view in Malta to see this spectacular, with complimentary wine, book today.

Samuel Sultana

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Introducing Samuel Sultana to Julesy’s BnB

Samuel SultanaJulesy’s BnB love art and more-so love supporting local artists.

Over the years, many of our guests have admired and purchased quality works of art we’ve exhibited from artists, such as Stephanie Borg; Caroline Said Lawrence; Clemens Hasengschwandtner; Rachel Farrugia and recently Sara Pace.

We are more than impressed with the beautiful original paintings that Samuel Sultana produces and now proudly have several large pieces on display. This vibrant collection look fantastic in our guesthouse and certainly won’t fit in your suitcase. Not to worry though, as we pack & ship worldwide.

Samuel Sultana is a Franco-Maltese creative, based in Malta. At the age of 1, he raised a hammer, as per Maltese tradition: a great tool to both build and destroy. After obtaining his Degree and Masters across a number of international institutions, he embarked on a shift from stability and familiarity by moving to Bristol and founding his first collective in late 2012.

Upon returning to Malta, he formed a new collaborative context that allowed him to create a more structured and entrepreneurial approach in order to retain his ethos.

We’re sure our guests will also love Samuel’s work and will snap up well priced original artwork, whilst here with us in Malta.

New Artist

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New Artist to Julesy’s BnB – Sara Pace


Julesy’s BnB love art and more-so love supporting local artists.

Many of our guests have admired and purchased quality works of art we have available from artists, such as Stephanie Borg; Caroline Said Lawrence; Clemens Hasengschwandtner; and Rachel Farrugia.

We are more than impressed with the beautiful original paintings that Sara Pace produces and now proudly have a small selection on display. The collection is suitably sized for guests to take as carry-on luggage, albeit we pack & ship worldwide too.

Sara Pace is a graduate fine artist and art historian, as well as a practising art educator in a secondary school in Malta. Sara has studied art at various local institutions such as the Malta School of Art and the University of Malta, as well as abroad at Clarion University, Pennsylvania, US and at the Burren College of Art, Ireland.

We’re sure our guests will also love Sara’s work and be able to take home a unique memento of their stay here with us in Malta.

Valletta Green Festival 2018

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Valletta Green Festival 2018

Valletta-Green-Festival_1 Valletta-Green-Festival_2

4th to 6th of May 2018
St Georges Square, Valletta

Each year, the Valletta Green Festival transforms one of the largest open urban spaces in Valletta, Pjazza San Ġorġ, with its colourful signature feature – a huge floral carpet composed of some 80,000 potted plants. A yearly programme of family-friendly activities happening in the capital city and other localities have established this much-loved weekend-long festival as a fun and accessible platform for initiatives promoting environmental consciousness on the Maltese Islands. The festival also offers visitors rare glimpses into some of the capital city’s little-known historical treasures, including the four-hundred-year-old gardens of the Archbishop’s Palace and the Convent of St Catherine.

Book your stay with us (whilst we still have availability) via this link and receive complimentary ferry ride across the Grand Harbour to enjoy this great event.

Guided Coach Tours

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Guided Coach Tours


As most of our guests know, our current line-up of tours and excursions is already quite extensive. Our list on offer includes:

Gastronomic Discoveryby Julesy herself 🙂
Private Tours (6 to select from)
Private Helicopter Charter (choice of 3 routes)
Private Yacht Charter
Excursions (a massive 43 to choose from)

And now, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Guided Coach Tours. There are 14 different tours available all with experienced tour guides.

Our guests have a choice of 60+ different tours and excursions to make the most out of their time in Malta, assuming they can escape our luxurious guest rooms and sumptuous breakfasts, of course.